I am What I am!


So here is the thing; I come across a lot of worried mothers and fathers.

“My child doesn’t like doing what other children are doing? All his friends love swimming; mine gets nightmares at the thought of water. All his friends love messy play; mine doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. All his friends love loud noises; mine goes in a shell at the sound of loud noises. All his friends sleep properly; mine gets up every night.” And it’s on and on and on and on!

Why, please why do you compare? You always take pride in you being different; going on with slogans “I am what I am”. Then why is this child such a bother if he is being different.”

Discussions are done; maybe it is a therapy that is required. OCD, sensory disorder, and god knows what each problem becomes a disorder.

Yes! We don’t want to raise children with scare and phobias. We really need to teach them how to deal with anything world throws at us in a calmer way. Fears are just embedded in sub-conscious mind. Children react differently than adults. At Sleeptalk; we address these issues and help raise calmer and happier kids. We raise self-esteem and confidence to challenge all the problems that the universe throws at us.